Welcome to Stone Shipping Ltd.

Stone Shipping Ltd, incorporated in Bermuda, is a chartering vehicle formed in 2019 for the purpose of chartering-in Supramax and Ultramax vessels, either on fixed or on floating rate periods, on behalf of investors.

Stone Shipping, created and managed by C Transport Maritime (CTM), is the ideal vehicle for investors who would like to have access to the dry bulk charter-in market. The charter-in market is one that is normally reserved to shipping companies and ship managers with extensive knowledge of the sector, a long-standing reputation for good performance as well as a strong financial footing. Through this vehicle CTM is opening a typically closed sector of the dry bulk industry to investors.

Depending on the prevailing market and taking market expectations into account the chartered-in vessels are either chartered out on a fixed rate or are employed in CTM’s Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA). Investors gain access to CTM’s shipping market expertise, superior commercial capabilities and industry network.  

Good Track Record

Stone Shipping has successfully raised $24 million over three years for four privately invested funds. Returns have been in line and above expected targets. Stone Shipping’s fifth fund will start its capital raising in Q1 2023.

Our Mission

At Stone Shipping we are a group of highly motivated individuals led by our passion for the dry bulk market and by our result-driven attitude. Our purpose is to provide the ideal platform for investors wanting to successfully access the Supramax charter-in market. Through this model that has been tailor-made by CTM’s commercial team and their risk management specialists we have created what we believe is a very attractive and efficient model that allows investors to maximise returns whilst maintaining a moderate risk profile.

We take a responsible approach to managing our clients’ investments through frequent engagement with them to best manage their needs and expectations. Regular updates and reports ensure that our investors are always up to speed and one step ahead of the game.

The ideal vehicle for investors who would like to have access to the dry bulk charter-in market

Founded in 2004, today CTM is one of the largest dry cargo ship management companies globally focusing on chartering, S&P, operations and technical management as well as being a specialist in pool management. CTM directly operates over 120 vessels ranging from Handysize up to Newcastlemax and 210 vessels when including Capesize Chartering Ltd., in which CTM is a joint venture partner. CTM is the manager for three pools, the Supramax, Panamax and Capesize Revenue Sharing Agreements (RSAs). CTM is also the exclusive manager for Carras Ltd., CBC, CTM Ltd., the Norwegian OTC-listed shipowning company, GoodBulk and Stone Shipping Ltd. CTM also performs technical management services for about 40 bulk carriers. CTM is owned by John Michael Radziwill and his family.

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